Pilot Assemblies

Cici Boiler Rooms stocks the most common Gordon-Piatt pilot assemblies for Gordon-Piatt burners. The pilot assembly is a vital part of your burner and must be kept clean and properly adjusted at all times. Below are just some of the many pilot assemblies used by Gordon-Piatt:

216C Gas Pilot Assemblies

Gordon-Piatt GP216C-4-6-8
Pilot w/ Electrode & .213 Orifice
For 4″, 5.5″ or 8″ Burner Noses (Note: Takes this electrode)

The above pilot assembly is the most common, BUT longer pilots are available!
Use pilot p/n 919000-0702 on combustion heads with a 12″ nose (Note: Takes this electrode)
Use pilot p/n 919000-1000 on combustion heads with a 17″ nose (Note: Takes this electrode)

214D Gas Pilot (Old Style)

Part Number 190173-0102

214B Gas Pilot (Old Style)

Part Number 190058-0003

S4 Gas Pilot Assembly

S4 Pilot Assy w/ Electrode