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Gasket Kits

Cici Boiler Rooms stocks gaskets kits for many common CB boilers, Hurst boilers, Kewanee boilers, and more! Cici Boiler Rooms is one of the world’s largest stocking distributor of gaskets that fit Cleaver Brooks boilers.

Topog-E Neoprene Gaskets

Topog-E neoprene gaskets meet the toughest steam boiler requirements. These gaskets are suitable for temperatures up to 380° and pressures up to 180 PSI.


Tadpole Gaskets

Tadpole gasket consists of a core (which is the sealing area) and a tail (which is used for fastening). Tadpole gasketing is designed for use where limited bolting force is available and where the gasket must conform to uneven surfaces. It is most commonly used in boiler door applications as well as where an airtight seal is critical. (Sold per foot)


Blue-Max High Pressure Gaskets

Cici Boiler Rooms is your one-stop shop for Blue-Max® gaskets. We stock gaskets for common boilers such as Hurst, Kewanee, CB, Superior, Unilux, Precision, Columbia, Ajax, and more! Blue-Max® gaskets give you all of the advantages of an asbestos gasket without the health risks. For maximum sealing on new and old flanges, use the max, Blue-Max®

fiberglass rope

Fiberglass Rope Gasket

Non-asbestos, non-combustible, flexible, 100% fiberglass rope gaskets. Generally used to seal boiler doors. Fiberglass rope gasket is available in 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8”, 3/4”, 1”, 1-1/4”, 1-1/2”. If you don’t need an entire box of rope, we can cut it to the size you need.


Fiberglass Tape Gasket

Non-asbestos, non-combustible, flexible, 100% fiberglass tape gaskets. Applications include steam tracer line wrapping, hot pipe protection, exhaust manifold insulation, and strip curtains for oven doors.


McDonnell & Miller Low Water Cutoff Gaskets

Don’t forget to change the gasket inside your level control. Cici Boiler Rooms stocks gaskets for McDonnell & Miller and many other level controls