Gordon-Piatt Replacement Parts

OEM Gordon-Piatt Burner Parts

Cici Boiler Rooms is the number one supplier of replacement parts for Gordon-Piatt Burner Parts.

Cici Boiler Rooms was a Gordon-Piatt representative for decades and we know just how important it is to have all the right parts. That’s why we specialize in providing Gordon-Piatt parts, even though new Gordon-Piatt burners are no longer in production. Whether you have Questions about your current Gordon-Piatt burner or looking for a FREE Manual, we are here to help.

The parts department at Cici Boiler Rooms, Inc. is committed to providing you with quick quotes, competitive prices and great availability. Whether you need a control update, or simply a pilot assembly, we are here to serve you. We have the parts you need in stock!

What Happened to Gordon-Piatt?

The John Zink Company, LLC decided to discontinue production of Gordon-Piatt burners in 2009. No reason for the discontinuation was ever released. Cici Boiler Rooms was a factory-authorized Gordon-Piatt representative for 44 years until 2009 when John Zink officially decided to discontinue production of Gordon-Piatt products. Cici Boiler Rooms keeps an extensive inventory of parts for Gordon-Piatt burners. However, Cici Boiler Rooms is currently not affiliated in any way with the John Zink Company.  Gordon-Piatt is a registered trademark of a third party.

Over the years, Gordon-Piatt was known as Gordon-Piatt, GOPEG (Gordon-Piatt Energy Group) and John Zink Gordon-Piatt.