Buderus boilers are the perfect central heating source for single or multiple family homes

Clean combustion, extremely high efficiency, economical operation, and longevity: Buderus boilers are the perfect central heating source for single or multiple family homes and guarantee reliable heating for many years. The modern design of Buderus boilers results from centuries of experience, using the latest combustion and manufacturing technologies. Buderus Boiler efficiencies range up to 98% AFUE and many are EnergyStar compliant. Optional system equipment such as the intelligent Logamatic control system and Domestic Hot Water tanks are designed to work perfectly with each Buderus boiler.

Buderus SB615 Specifications

Model SB615145185240310400510640
Performance Data
Gas Input (MBH)50664484510801,393 17762228
Gross IBR Output (MBH)*4846127911022131716782104
Max Output Range (MBH)**440-484560-612730-791940-1,0221,220-1,3171,550-1,6781,950-2,104
Net IBR Raing (MBH)421532688889114514591830
Thermal Efficiency (%)95.69594.894.694.594.594.4
Combustion Efficiency (%)97.196.796.596.496.396.296.2
Boiler Horse Power14.418.223.630.539.350.162.8
Fireside Pressure Drop (in. wc)0.490.630.890.971.221.441.78
Piping Connections
Vent Pipe Diameter7"7"8"8"10"12"12"
Vent Connection Size11¾"11¾"12"12"13"14½"14½"
Physical Dimensions
Overal Boiler Length (LG)68¾"68¾"70"70"70"75¼"75¼"
Boiler Block Length (LK)60"60"61"61"61"66¼"66¼"
Boiler Height54¼"54¼"55½"55½"63½"69¾"69¾"
Boiler Width28¼"28¼"31¼"31¼"31¼"36¼"36¼"
Dry Weight (lbs.)1690170019502030260029703020
Water Content (gal)148147179171180229223

Installation, Operation, & Maintenance Manual

Buderus SB735 Specifications

Performance Data
Gas Input (MBH)275133784179
Gross IBR Output (MBH)*265032514079
Max Output Range (MBH)**2,400-2,6502,950-3,2513,650-4,079
Net IBR Raing (MBH)226528273547
Thermal Efficiency (%)0.9690.9630.976
Combustion Efficiency (%)0.9470.9560.965
Boiler Horse Power0.7780.971.218
Fireside Pressure Drop (in. wc)1.982.312.6
Piping Connections
Vent Pipe Diameter14"14"14"
Vent Connection Size19"19"19"
Physical Dimensions
Overal Boiler Length (LG)91½"108¼"108¼"
Boiler Block Length (LK)75½"92"92"
Boiler Height81¼"81¼"81¼"
Boiler Width545454
Dry Weight (lbs.)381147804855
Water Content (gal)494660668

Installation, Operation, & Maintenance Manual

Condensing Boiler Technology

Condensing boiler technology is them most efficient form of gas heating available today. Thanks to lower fuel consumption and lower heating costs, condensing boilers usually pay for themselves in only a few years. An additional advantage: a modern condensing heating system increases the value of the building and the quality of life by reducing emissions.

Condensing Technology Improves Energy Utilization by up to 15%

Condensing technology utilizes a part of the energy which normally disappears up the chimney in other heating systems; the condensation heat retained latently in the flue gases. With condensing technology, the water vapor contained in the flue gases condense on the relatively cool heat exchanger surfaces of the boilers. The released heat is transmitted directly into the boiler water and thermal flue gas losses are minimized. The seasonal efficiency of the Buderus SB series condensing boilers can reach up to 95%, reducing heating costs by up to 20% in comparison with conventional heating systems, especially in radiant floor and snow melt applications.

Lower Operating Costs Compensate for Investment

Contemporary condensing boilers have a higher initial purchase price than a conventional boiler. However, particularly in the medium and upper capacity ranges, this extra initial investment quickly pays for itself as condensing technology saves so much energy, resulting in substantially lower heating costs.

Lower Boiler Return Water Temperature Results in Higher Efficiency

Condensation develops only if the return flow temperature is below the dew point of the combustion gases. Low flue gas temperatures are achieved by means of highly efficient heat exchanger surfaces, two sated or full modulating burners, and of course continuous operation and low return water temperatures. Condensing boilers are ideally suited for direct piping in commercial systems to make maximum use of low return water temperatures which lower system complexity, installation costs, and maintenance costs. As a result, the jobs of implementation and future upkeep of the system are simplified. Both the lower complexity design and higher efficiency make for a optimal operation for the user.

High Energy Utilization Through the Kondens® Heating Surface

The extremely efficient method of heat generation using condensing technology is further improved by the Buderus Kondens® heating surfaces. The secondary heating surfaces are long and extremely large in order to ensure optimal heat transfer.

10% More Condensation with Micro-Turbulence

A high degree of condensation is achieved through the intense contact of the combustion gases with the heat transfer surfaces. The Kondens® heating surface, designed with a special swirling effect, generates micro-turbulence within each fire tube. By channeling practically all combustion gases to the cold heating surface, it generated up to 10% more condensation than a smooth heating surface. The tapered design of the fire tubes also helps to maintain a constant velocity of the flue products with only a small loss in pressure and increase heat transfer.

Ultra High Efficiency – Simple System Design

With seasonal efficiencies up to 98%, the SB Series of condensing boilers are among the most efficient condensing boilers available today. The Kondens heating surface has been perfectly designed to ensure efficient condensation utilization. This advanced technology is also conducive to low NOx and CO levels, making this an ideal choice for any application, but especially for those needing to meet air quality control regulations.

Innovative Boiler Design: Higher Capacity in Less Space

The Buderus SB Series Condensing Boilers are an ideal solution for maximum energy utilization. The full three-pass boiler design with a full-pass combustion chamber ensures compact dimension and outstanding combustion results. All components which ocme into contact with combustion gases and condensate are made of corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel, which guarantees efficient heating conditions for many years.

Simple System Technology Reduces Planning Time and Cost

The SB Condensing Boilers have no operational requirement with regard to water flow, minimum return temperature, temperature rise through the boiler, or minimum burner capacity. Thus the heating circuit flow and low temperature return flow can be connected without any additional equipment. In order to achieve seasonal efficiencies of up to 98% optimal condensation is required – separate return flow connection provides the ideal practical solution. In the Buderus SB boilers, the proportion of low-temperature return water volume of 20% of the total return flow is adequate to achieve maximum efficiency.

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