Frequently Asked Questions

Most replacement parts are available for sale worldwide. However, the sale of new boilers, burners, deaerators, boiler feed tanks, condensate units, and economizers are only available to customers inside our sales territory. The exact sales territory varies by brand, but most include southern Indiana, southern Illinois, and western Kentucky.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express for all first orders. You can also pre-pay by check or wire transfer.

Initial orders must be prepaid or placed with a credit card. High-volume customers can inquire about a Net 30 account after six months of ordering history. Regardless of the circumstances, we are unable to set up accounts for companies that have not established a six month ordering history. This applies to wholesalers, manufacturing reps, hospitals, schools, state/local government, etc.

Most of our parts are available for international shipment. Please direct all international inquires to

Yes, simply tell a member of our sales team when you place your order.

Under normal circumstances, UPS collects our packages at 3pm central time. If you need to get an emergency shipment out after 3pm call our sales team right away and ask about our expedited shipping options.

We have factory-trained service technicians for on-site boiler service only.  Please contact our service manager to for our service rates and to schedule service.  We do not offer “technical support” outside of our territory (Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois.  If you are outside of our territory, we recommend that you contact a service contractor in your area.

Our parts department is available to answer basic questions about the parts we sell only. We do not have service technicians available to provide technical support over the phone. We recommend that you contact a qualified service contractor in your area for tune-ups, troubleshooting and general support.

We do not normally accept returns for repair parts. See our returns policy page.