Cici Boiler Rooms stocks a large inventory of Laars commercial boiler and water heater parts. Call us with the model and serial number of your commercial Laars unit and we will be happy to supply you with the parts you need. We stock tons of parts for the Laars Rheos, Laars Mighty Therm, Laars Pennant, Mighty Therm 2, and the Laars NeoTherm! Call us at 1-800-848-8197 to check the price and availability of any parts you might need.


Air Filters

R2014700 Pennant & MightyTherm2 Air Filter
R2004500 Rheos/Rheos+ Air Filter (Old Part Number A2108300)



R2012100 Blower, Rheos, Rheos+ (1200)
R2004900 Blower Rheos, Rheos+ (1600-2400)
R2060900 Blower, Pennant 500-2000
R2069700 Blower, Mighty Stack, TL80 & TL00



Pennant & Mighty Therm 2

L2012200 Burner Assembly (3 Burners)
S2012700 Gasket (3 Burners)
L2012500 Burner Assembly (4 Burners)
S2012500 Gasket (4 Burners)

Mighty Therm

RL0052300 Main Burner (10 Pack)
R10526400 Pilot Burner Assembly
R10529300 Pilot Burner Assembly
R20039600 Pilot Burner Assembly
R20607400 Pilot Burner Assembly
R20094900 Pilot Burner Assembly

Rheos & Rheos+

R2002300 Burner Kit, 2400, w/ gaskets
R2002400 Burner Gasket Kit (all)
R2013200 Burner without gaskets (1200_
R2016500 Burner without gaskets (1600)
R2016600 Burner without gaskets (2000)

Mighty-Stack TL80 & TL00

L0052500 Main Burner
L0056500 Burner w/ Pilot Bracket


Ignition Controls

Pennant PNCH & PNCV 200-400

E0253400 Ignition Cotrol

Pennant PNCH & PNCV 500-2000

RE2107300 Ignition Control, 1-Try, CSD-1
RE2313900 Ignition Control, 3-Try, non-CSD-1

Rheos & Rheos+

R005700 Ignition Control, 3-Try, non-CSD-1
R2015700 Ignition Control, Standard, CSD-1, 1-Try

MightyTherm 125-400

R0011900 Ignition Control, Nat, Continuous Try (prior to serial C02 XXX)
R0097100 Ignition Control, Spark, 1-try (after serial C02 XXX)

Mighty Therm 500-1825

E2305400 Ignition Control, UT, 1 Try (serial C02F04752 and alter)
E2305500 Ignition Control, UT Cont. Try (serial C02F04752 and alter)
RE0100900 Ignition Control, Natural Gas (Before serial C02F04751)
RE2033900 Ignition Control LP/CSD-1 (1 Try) (Before serial C02F04751)

Mighty Max

R2023000 Ignition Control, 3 Try (Mighty Max)

Mighty Stack

E0253400 Ignition Control, 199, 300, and 399 MBTH/h



2400-048 Igniter, w/ Gasket
2400-286 Hot Surface Igniter, CB, HWG
265-45543-00 Hot Surface Igniter w/ Gasket (UHE)
RW2002300 Igniter, MM, Rheos
RW0034300 Igniter Mighty Therm (HW)
RW0034500 Igniter Mighty Therm (JC)


Heat Exchangers

BR001001 Tube Assy, Outdoor
BR001002 Tube Assy, Outdoor
BR001003 Tube Assy, Outdoor
BR001004 Tube Assy, Outdoor
BR001005 Tube Assy, Outdoor
BR001006 Tube Assy, Outdoor
BR001007 Tube Assy, Outdoor
BR001008 Tube Assy, Outdoor
BR001009 Tube Assy, Outdoor
BR001101 Tube Assy (128#)
BR001102 Tube Assy (133#)
BR001103 Tube Assy (142#)
BR001104 Tube Assy (148#)
BR001105 Tube Assy (165#)
BR001106 Tube Assy (190#)
BR001107 Tube Assy (204#)
BR001108 Tube Assy, Indoor
BR001109 Tube Assy, Indoor
BR010801 Tube Assy (398#)
BR010802 Tube Assy (419#)
BR010803 Tube Assy (495#)
BR010804 Tube Assy (520#)
BR010805 Tube Assy (640#)
BR010806 Tube Assy (694#)
BR010807 Tube Assy (720#)
BR098401 Tube Assy, Indoor
BR098402 Tube Assy, Indoor
BR098403 Tube Assy, Indoor
BR098404 Tube Assy, Indoor
BR098405 Tube Assy, Indoor
BR098406 Tube Assy, Indoor
BR098407 Tube Assy, Indoor
BR098408 Tube Assy, Indoor
BR098409 Tube Assy, Indoor
BR098901 Tube Assy (382#)

BR098902 Tube Assy (415#)
BR098903 Tube Assy (480#)
BR098904 Tube Assy (540#)
BR098905 Tube Assy (595#)
BR098906 Tube Assy (645#)
BR098907 Tube Assy (719#)
BR441702 Tube Assy
BR441704 Tube Assy
BR441706 Tube Assy
BR441708 Tube Assy
BR441710 Tube Assy
BR441712 Tube Assy
BR441714 Tube Assy
BR441716 Tube Assy
BR472702 Tube Assy/Cupro-Nickel
BR472704 Tube Assy/Cupro-Nickel
BR472706 Tube Assy/Cupro-Nickel
BR472708 Tube Assy/Cupro-Nickel
BR472710 Tube Assy/Cupro-Nickel
BR472712 Tube Assy/Cupro-Nickel
BR472714 Tube Assy/Cupro-Nickel
BR472716 Tube Assy/Cupro-Nickel
BR534701 Tube Assy, Indoor
BR534702 Tube Assy, Indoor
BR534703 Tube Assy, Indoor
BR534704 Tube Assy, Indoor
BR534705 Tube Assy, Indoor
BR534706 Tube Assy, Indoor
BR534707 Tube Assy, Indoor
BR534708 Tube Assy, Indoor
BR534709 Tube Assy, Indoor
BR542901 Tube Assy, Indoor
BR542902 Tube Assy, Indoor
BR542903 Tube Assy, Indoor

BR542904 Tube Assy, Indoor
BR542905 Tube Assy, Indoor
BR542906 Tube Assy, Indoor
BR542907 Tube Assy, Indoor
BR542908 Tube Assy, Indoor
BR542909 Tube Assy, Indoor
BR553701 Tube Assy, Indoor
BR553702 Tube Assy, Indoor
BR553703 Tube Assy, Indoor
BR553704 Tube Assy, Indoor
BR553705 Tube Assy, Indoor
BR553706 Tube Assy, Indoor
BR553707 Tube Assy, Indoor
BR553708 Tube Assy, Indoor
BR553709 Tube Assy, Indoor
BR665901 Tube Assy, Outdoor
BR665902 Tube Assy, Outdoor
BR665903 Tube Assy, Outdoor
BR665904 Tube Assy, Outdoor
BR665905 Tube Assy, Outdoor
BR665906 Tube Assy, Outdoor
BR665907 Tube Assy, Outdoor
BR665908 Tube Assy, Outdoor
BR665909 Tube Assy, Outdoor
BR670401 Tube Assy, Outdoor
BR670402 Tube Assy, Outdoor
BR670403 Tube Assy, Outdoor
BR670404 Tube Assy, Outdoor
BR670405 Tube Assy, Outdoor
BR670406 Tube Assy, Outdoor
BR670407 Tube Assy, Outdoor
BR670408 Tube Assy, Outdoor
BR670409 Tube Assy, Outdoor



Rheos & Rheos +

A2109800 Pump
A2110300 Pump 1 HP, RHCH and RHCV normal water 1200
A2110400 Pump 1.5 HP, RHCV hard water 1200
A2110500 Pump 1 HP, RHCH and RHCV normal water 2000
A2110600 Pump 3 HP, RHCV hard water 2000
A2111200 Pump 3 HP
A2111400 Pump 2 HP
A2111500 Pump 1 HP
A2112100 Pump 1/2 HP
A2108600 Pump 3 HP
A2108700 Rheos RHCH/RHCV 1600-2400 Pump

Mighty Therm, Mighty Therm 2, & Pennant

RA2117201 1/3 HP Pump (Mighty Therm, MT2, & Pennant)
RA2117202 1/2 HP Pump (Mighty Therm, MT2, & Pennant)
RA2117203 3/4 HP Pump (Mighty Therm, MT2, & Pennant)
RA2117204 1 HP Pump (Mighty Therm, MT2, & Pennant)
RA2112227 Pump (Neotherm NTV 150)
A2115700 Pump (Neotherm NTV 190)
RA2112229 Pump (Neotherm NTH 500)
RA2112230 Pump (Neotherm NTH 285-399)
RA2115800 Pump (Neotherm NTV 285-500)

Other Common Laars parts

2400-014 Gas Valve, Neg Pres, White Rogers
2400-110 Stack Switch
2400-224 Control Board, Diagnostic
R20047801 Burner/Pilot Assy, Spark Ign Nat
R10529300 Pilot/Burner/Bracket, Honeywell, Sys 9, Nat
2400-394 Pressure / Temperature Gauge
A2088700 Might Max filter 500-1000
E0013100 Flow Switch (indoor)
E0015900 High Limit, Man. Reset, PNCH
E2075900 Low Water Cutoff
E2105500 Diagnostic Board
E2105100 Ignition Control, 3 try
E2106800 Temperature Control, 4-Stage
E2108700 Transformer
R2004000 High Gas Pressure Switch
R2004100 Low Gas Pressure Switch
R2023000 Ignition control (Fenwal)
RA007900 Gauge, Temperature/Pressure
RE0013000 Flow Switch
RE0014400 High limit auto reset
RE0093200 Operating Control/Thermostat, 2-Stage
RE0100900 Ignition Control Kit, Electronic, Nat, G67
S0024600 Pump Housing Gasket
S0063700 Gasket, Flange
S0095100 Gasket, Header
S0095300 Header Gasket (2 required)
S0095600 Flange Gasket (2 required)
V201600 Valve, Gas, Combination

This is only a small sample of the Laars parts that are available.
Call us at 1-800-848-8197 to for assistance with parts identification, quote requests, and ordering.