XTherm 1005-2005

Cici Boiler Rooms stock replacement parts for Raypak Boilers. Below are just some of the many parts you can get from Cici Boiler Rooms.

XTherm 1005-2005 Replacement Parts

Adapter Assembly011749F011749F011750F
Adapter Gaskets and Heat Shield011751F011751F011751F
Flame Sensor Probe011752F011752F011752F
Auto Reset Adjustable High Limit 240F Max 011860F011860F011860F
Auto Reset Adjustable High Limit 200F Max 012546F012546F012546F
Auto Reset Adjustable High Limit 180F Max 006445F006445F006445F
Manual Reset Adjustable High Limit 240F 007144F007144F007144F
Manual Reset Adjustable High Limit 200F 008081F008081F008081F
Manual Reset Adjustable High Limit 180F 009554F009554F009554F
PIM (Platform Ignition Module) Multi Try014324F014324F014324F
PIM (Platform Ignition Module) Single Try CSD-1 014325F014325F014325F
Fuse 5 Amp (Fast Acting)013971F013971F013971F
PC Board VERSA IC013935F013935F013935F
Inlet Sensor (2 Wire) 013175F013175F013175F
Outlet/Limit Sensor (4 Wire) 013932F013932F013932F
System Water Sensor 10K 010787F010787F010787F
Indirect DHW Sensor 10K 010787F010787F010787F
Sensor Outdoor Air B-32010786F010786F010786F
Indirect Tank Aquastat Control B-65007148F007148F007148F
Flow Switch007142F007142F007142F
Flow Switch Paddle (Taco) 010026F010026F010026F
Programmed Chip for Inverter
P3 Chip (Units manufactured prior to 03/22/18) 014925F014925F014925F
P5 Chip (Consult factory service)N/AN/AN/A
P7 Chip (Units manufactured from 03/23/18)017057F017057F017057F
Vent Pressure Switch011760F011760F011760F
Fuse 5 Amp (Pump) (Slow Blow)013972F013972F013972F
Control Box CompleteN/AN/AN/A
Transformer 120/24 100 VA007494F007494F007494F
Terminal Block w / Ground Lug008523F008523F008523F
LCD Display PC Board013939F013939F013939F
Touchscreen Display018438F018438F018438F
SD Card Programmed (Not Shown)015887F015887F015887F
Lithium Battery 3V (Not Shown)015888F015888F015888F
Switch/Decal Membrane013937F013937F013937F
Relay DPDT 24V NO011720F011720F011720F
Relay DPDT 110/120V NO/NC013243F013243F013243F
Pump Contactor 120 VAC (Wiring Box)007906F007906F007906F
Rocker Switch009493F009493F009493F
On / Off Shut Down Switch 30 Amp007380F007380F007380F
Indicator Lamp LED011848F011848F011848F
PC Board Adapter Status Lights Wiring014712F014712F014712F
Reset Switch for Touchscreen015879F015879F015879F
Ground Lug007155F007155F007155F
Blower Combustion Air014556F014556F011765F
Adapter Gasket011885F011885F011885F
Adapter Gasket011886F011886FN/A
Adapter Plate011887F011887FN/A
Plenum Assembly011863F011863F011864F
Air Shutter011875F011875F011876F
Hose Duct 6"007420F007420FN/A
Hose Duct 8"N/AN/A012680F
Valve Gas Modulating 120V (Dungs) Natural Gas013200F013200F014415F
Valve Gas Modulating 120V (Dungs) Propane Gas013200F013200F013200F
Valve Coil 120V Nat013201F013201F014693F
Valve Coil 120V Pro013201F013201F013201F
Inlet Gas Filter Natural Gas012294F012294F012295F
Inlet Gas Filter Propane Gas012294F012294F012294F
O-rings (Includes Gas Valve and Adapter O-rings)012440F012440F012441F
Adapter Gas Valve 1" Inlet (Includes O-rings)011915F011915F011915F
Adapter Gas Valve 1-1/4" Inlet (Includes O-rings)011916F011916FN/A
Adapter Gas Valve 2" Inlet (Includes O-rings)N/AN/A011917F
Adapter Gas Valve Outlet w/Shutter (Includes O-ring) Natural013206F013206F014557F
Adapter Gas Valve Outlet w/Shutter (Includes O-ring) Propane013206F013206F013206F
Adapter Swirl Plate012298F012298F012298F
Nozzle Natural Gas012304F014467F014467F
Nozzle Propane Gas012304F012304F012304F
Valve Gas Ball (WOG)011769F011769F011769F
Bleedle Valve 1/8 MPT007423F007423F007423F
Bleedle Valve G1/8 BSP015400F015400F015400F
Motorized Safety Shut Off Actuator M-1(Optional)011908F011908F011908F
Gas Valve Body M1 Nat (Optional)014015F014015F014558F
Gas Valve Body M1 Pro (Optional)014014F014014F014014F
Solenoid Safety Shut Off Valve M-10 Nat (Optional)011910F011910F011911F
Solenoid Safety Shut Off Valve M-10 Pro (Optional)011909F011909F011909F
Vent Valve Gas M-15 Nat (Optional)011914F011914F011914F
Vent Valve Gas M-15 Pro (Optional)011913F011913F011913F
Switch Low Gas Pressure (Optional)011770F011770F011770F
Switch Low Gas Pressure w/M-1 or M-10 (Optional)007187F007187F007187F
Switch High Gas Pressure (Optional)011771F011771F011771F
Heat Transfer Cupro-Nickel Bronze (Includes 18-S)014652F014653F014654F
Heat Transfer Cupro-Nickel Cast Iron (Includes 18-S)014655F014656F014657F
Heat Transfer Copper Bronze (Includes 18-S)014658F014659F014660F
Heat Transfer Copper Cast Iron (Includes 18-S)014661F014662F014663F
Inlet/Outlet Header Bronze014619F014619F014619F
Inlet/Outlet Header Cast Iron014620F014620F014620F
Return Header Bronze007204F007204F007204F
Return Header Cast Iron012330F012330F012330F
Stud Bolt009104F009104F009104F
Header Gasket (20 PCS)007343F007343F007343F
Drain Valve006536F006536F006536F
Manual Air Vent Valve Bushing016282F016282F016282F
Manual Air Vent Valve016970F016970F016970F
Automatic Air Vent Valve (not shown) (for units built prior to 2/15/18)011866F011866F011866F
Insulation/Sight Glass & Header Cover017058F017058F017058F
Heat Exch Stainless Steel (Includes 21-S)012586F012587F012588F
Condensate Float Switch012589F012589F012589F
O-ring Seal012590F012590F012590F
Inspection Port PlugN/AN/A015118F
Window Combustion Chamber006947F006947F006947F
T&P Gauge 0-75 PSI 007205F007205F007205F
T&P Gauge 0-200 PSI 007399F007399F007399F
T&P Gauge 0-230 PSI 014221F014221F014221F
PRV 30 PSI007748F007748F007748F
PRV 45 PSI007221F007751F007752F
PRV 60 PSI007222F007753F007754F
PRV 75 PSI007223F007756F007756F
PRV 125 PSI007224F007224F007758F
PRV 150 PSI007225F007225F007225F
UV PRV 150 PSI013415F013415F013415F
RTV Sealant 2.8 oz. (Not Shown) 008924F008924F008924F
RTV Sealant 10 oz. (Not Shown) 005755F005755F005755F
Flue Collector Vertical Seal Gasket 011772F011772F011772F
Insulation Blanket Return Header 007241F007241F007241F
Flue Exhaust Adapter Gasket Round009735F009736F009736F
Flue Exhaust Adapter Gasket Rectangle 012591F012592F012592F
Plenum Gasket Upper and Lower012593F012593F012594F
Access Panel Gasket Condensing Heat Exch012595F012595F012595F
Flange Gasket 2" or 2-1/2" NPT012596F012596F012596F
Condensate Hose012597F012597F012597F
Condensate Management (Not Shown)120501205112051
- Paint Green750125750125750125
- Cool Dark Gray750256750256750256
Wire Harness014922F014922F014922F
LCD Display Wire Harness014554F014554F014554F
LED Status Lights Wire Harness 014555F014555F014555F
Versa IC Communication Cable015556F015556F015556F
Identification Card Harness (Not Shown)017035F017035F017035F
Plastic Handle 012681F012681F012681F
Metal Handle014650F014650F014650F
Bypass Plumbing Assembly
- Copper015787F015788F015790F
PRV Plumbing Assembly
- PRV 30 PSI015797F015797F015797F
- PRV 45 PSIN/AN/A015797F
- UV PRV 150 PSI015797F015797F015797F
Dual Injector Pump Upper Plumbing Assembly 015791F015791F015791F
Dual Injector Pump Lower Plumbing Assembly 015792F015792F015792F
Single Injector Pump Upper Plumbing Assembly
- Copper015793F015794F015795F
Single Injector Pump Lower Plumbing Assembly
- Copper015796F015796F015796F
- Brass (Pool Heaters Only)016380F016380F016380F
Outlet Connection Plumbing (Pool Only) 015720F015720F015720F
Flange Gasket (Pool Only)015755F015755F015755F
Remote Sensor (LWCO) Control PC Board (LWCO) Test / Reset Switch (LWCO) Silencer/Reset Switch (Alarm) Alarm Bell 4" 24V
Relay 3PDT 24 VAC (Alarm)
Vent Limit Switch Manual Reset PVC Venting
Polypropylene Venting
Alarm Buzzer 24 V
Bypass Pump
Bronze (Soft Water) (H & P w/Copper or Brass Plumbing) 011845F011845F007351F
Bronze (Soft Water) (P w/CPVC Plumbing)011845F007348F007351F
Bronze (Soft Water) (WH) 011845F007348F007351F
Bronze (Medium Water) (WH) 011845F007348F007351F
Bronze (Hard Water) (WH) 007348F007351F
Cast Iron (H)011846F011846F007357F
High Temperature Potable Process (H)
- Bronze (Medium Water)0011845F007348F007351F
- Bronze (Hard Water)007348F007351F
Pump Flange Gasket013423F013423F013423F
- Injector Pump
Dual Bronze/SS
- Units manufactured with 0012VS Pump Use, BEFORE 05/2018 012600F012600F012600F
- Units manufactured with 0122VV Pump Use, AFTER 05/20180169926F0169926F0169926F
Dual Cast Iron
- Units manufactured with 0012VS Pump Use, BEFORE 05/2018 012600F012600F012600F
- Units manufactured with 0122VV Pump Use, AFTER 05/2018N/AN/AN/A
Pump Flange Gasket 008747F008747F008747F
Pump Cartridge 016480F016480F016480F
Single Bronze (WH) N/A012668F012668F
Single Bronze (P)012669F012669F012668F
Pump Flange Gasket013423F013423F013423F
Jacket Top014664F014664F014664F
Flue Collector Front (No Opening) (Includes 6-M)011789F011791F011793F
Flue Collector Rear (Opening) (Includes 6-M and 9-M)012603F012604F012605F
Heat Transfer Supports014665F014665F014665F
Upper Cabinet Support Front014666F014666F014666F
Upper Cabinet Supports Rear014703F014703F014703F
Upper Cabinet Supports Side014704F014704F014704F
Vertical Cabinet Supports with Stiffeners014667F014668F014669F
Return Header Cover007257F007257F007257F
Jacket Upper Front Panel w/LCD Display014670F014670F014671F
Jacket Upper Front Panel for Touchscreen016199F016199F016200F
Jacket Lower Front Panel014672F014673F014674F
Jacket Side/Front Panel014705F014706F014707F
Jacket Side/Rear Panel014708F014709F014710F
Jacket Upper Rear Panel014675F014676F014677F
Access Panel Intake Air012671F012671F012671F
Jacket Lower Rear Panel012624F012625F012626F
Access Panel Lower Rear012672F012674F012674F
Upper Front Panel w/LED Lights014711F014711F014711F
Base Assembly012627F012627F012627F
Leg Bracket Primary Heat Exch ( 4 pcs per boiler)007306F007306F007306F
Leg Bracket Condensing Heat Exch ( 2 pcs per boiler)012628F012629F012630F
Base Reflector Panel007307F007307F007307F
Flue Exhaust Adapter Assembly012631F012632F012632F
Flue Exhaust Adapter Assembly PVCN/AN/AN/A
Control Box Assy014679F014679F014679F
Control Box Cover Panel with Digital Display014698F014698F014698F
Control Box Cover Panel for Touchscreen Display016201F016201F016201F
Control Box Cover Panel with Power Switch014616F014616F014616F
24V Wiring Panel014519F014519F014519F
Intake Air Adapter (plenum to Duct)N/AN/A011881F
Intake Air Collar012675F012676F012676F
Access Panel Wiring Box012651F012651F012651F
Access Panel Condensing Heat Exch012638F012638F012638F
Plenum Upper Condensing Heat Exch012639F012640F012641F
Plenum Lower Condensing Heat Exch012642F012643F012644F
Filter Access Cover012683F012683F012683F
Condensate Hose Bracket013422F013422F013422F
Outdoor Stack014622F014623F014623F
Vent Cap Vertical for Indoor Units108021080310803
Vent Cap Horizontal Thru-the-Wall for Indoor Units664466466646
Intake Air filter Box012645F012646F012647F
Air Filter Media012599F012599F012599F
Condensate Drip Pan012678F012678F012678F
Flue Exhaust Termination Adapter for PVC Venting013346F013347F013347F
Flue Exhaust Termination Adapter for Polypropylene Venting137361373713737
* For individual pump parts see separate pump parts IPL 9300.100