Pulse HW Condensing Hydronic Boiler

Recommended Annual Maintenance

1. Replace Spark Plug Igniter.
2. Replace Air Flapper Material. (Gas Flapper Material ever 1½ to 2 years)
3. Have a complete combustion flue gas analysis performed.
4. Clean condensate drain lines and condensate trap assembly.
5. Tighten all wiring terminals.
6. Check exhaust and intake materials for sign of wear and for blockage.

The Fulton Pulse a high efficiency condensing boiler. (300k-2MM btu/hr)
Owner’s Manual

Fulton Boiler - Pulse HW Condensing Hydronic Boilers

Part #Description300500650750950100014002000
2-30-000232Air Switch, Purge FanXXXXXXXX
2-30-001334Air Switch, Proof of FlameXXXXXXXX
2-30-000290Blocked Intake Switch      XX
2-30-000291Blocked Intake SwitchXX X X  
2-30-001360Blocked Exhaust SwitchXXXXXXXX
2-12-000551Air Flapper Gaskets (Replaced 2-12-553)XXXXXXX 
2-12-000554Air Flapper Gaskets       X
2-22-000181Air Flapper Spacer - .030XXXXX   
2-22-000182Air Flapper Spacer - .050     X/LP  
2-22-000183Air Flapper Spacer - .040        
2-22-000186Air Flapper Spacer - .060      XLP
2-22-000187Air Flapper Spacer - .060       X
2-22-000188Air Flapper Spacer - .070        
2-22-000125Air Flapper Screw 8-32 x 1-1/4XXXXXXXX
2-22-000085Air Flapper Nuts 8-32XXXXXXXX
2-22-000038Air Flapper Lock WasherXXXXXXXX
2-22-000083AVK Nut for Air Flapper AssyXXXXXXXX
2-12-000900Air Flapper Mounting Gaskets       X
7-37-000120Air Flapper Metering Plate AssemblyX       
7-37-000150Air Flapper Metering Plate Assembly XX     
7-37-000124Air Flapper Metering Plate Assembly   X    
7-37-000123Air Flapper Metering Plate Assembly    X   
7-37-000125Air Flapper Metering Plate Assembly     XX 
7-37-000008Air Flapper Metering Plate Assembly       X
2-11-000089Air Flapper Housing Only - 3" HubXX      
2-11-000090Air Flapper Housing Only - 4" Hub  XXXXX 
5-11-000095Air Flapper Housing Only       X
2-12-000556Air Flapper Housing O-RingXXXXXXXX
2-40-000251Operating AquastatXXXXXXXX
2-40-000250High Limit Aquastat w/ Manual Reset (130-270F)XXXXXXXX
2-30-000205Aquastat Immersion WellXXXXXXXX
2-40-000274High Limit Aquastat w/ Manual Reset (100-240F)XXXXXX X
2-40-000294High Limit Aquastat w/ Manual Reset (100-20F)XXXXXX X
2-40-000220Gas Valve Actuator w/ Proof of ClosureXXXXXXXX
2-40-000214Gas Valve ActuatorXXXXXXXX
2-30-000310Gas Valve, Motorized, 1"XXXX    
2-30-000311Gas Valve, Motorized, 1-1/4" V5095A    XX  
2-30-001143Gas Valve, Motorized, 1-1/2" V5097A      XX
2-30-001145Gas Valve, Motorized, 1-1/2" V5097C      XX
2-40-000253Gas Valve w/ Proof of Closure 1-1/2" V5055C      X 
2-30-000306Gas Solenoid Valve, 1" 8040XXXX    
2-30-000307Gas Solenoid Valve, 1-1/4"    XX  
2-30-000304Gas Solenoid Valve, 1-1/2"      X 
2-30-001147Gas Solenoid Valve 1" V4297AXX X    
2-30-001141Gas Solenoid Valve 1-1/2" V4297A       X
2-40-000533High-Low Gas Pressure Switch 8041        
2-30-001139High Gas Pressure Switch C6097BXXXXXXXX
2-30-001140Low Gas Pressure Switch C6097AXXXXXXXX
2-30-0030021" Eclipse Gas Butterfly ValveXXXX    
2-30-0030031-1/4" Eclipse Gas Butterfly Valve    XXX 
2-30-0030202" Eclipse Gas Butterfly Valve       X
2-30-000750Gas Regulator, 1" RV61 (Pre 3/10)XXXX    
2-30-000105Gas Regulator, 1-1/4" RV61 (Pre 3/10)    XX  
2-30-000515Gas Regulator, 1-1/4" RV81 (Pre 3/10)      X 
2-30-000516Gas Regulator, 1-1/2" RV81 (Pre 3/10)      XX
2-30-000800Gas Regulator, 1" 210D (Post 3/10)XXXX    
2-30-000678Gas Regulator, 1-1/4" 210D (Post (3/10)     XX 
2-30-001023Gas Regulator, 1-1/2" 210E (Post 3/10)       X
2-30-000174Gas Pressure Gauge (0-15" wc)XXXXXX  
7-37-000201Gas Flapper Valve - In UnionXXXXXXXX
2-22-000130Gas Flapper Spacer .060 (Brass)XXXXXXXX
2-12-000552Gas Flapper GasketsXXXXXXXX
7-57-000126Gas DecouplerXXX     
7-57-000125Gas Decoupler   XXXX 
2-20-000204Gas Orifice 3/4" x .312LP       
2-20-000130Gas Orifice 3/4" x .437 LP      
2-20-000209Gas Orifice 3/4" x .460X       
2-20-000208Gas Orifice 3/4" x .485X       
2-20-000131Gas Orifice 3/4" x .500X       
2-20-000201Gas Orifice 3/4" x .525 XLPLP    
2-20-000205Gas Orifice 3/4" x .540    LP   
2-20-000212Gas Orifice 3/4" x .570  X     
2-20-000202Gas Orifice 3/4" x .593   X    
2-20-000206Gas Orifice 3/4" x .625        
2-20-000214Gas Orifice 3/4" x .651    XX  
2-20-000132Gas Orifice 3/4" x .690    X   
2-20-000203Gas Orifice 3/4" x .718        
2-20-000650Gas Orifice 2" x .312LP       
2-20-000651Gas Orifice 2" x .437 LP      
2-20-000652Gas Orifice 2" x .460X       
2-20-000652Gas Orifice 2" x .460 (Post 5/2003)XX      
2-20-000653Gas Orifice 2" x .485X       
2-20-000655Gas Orifice 2" x .500        
2-20-000656Gas Orifice 2" x .540 X      
2-20-000656Gas Orifice 2" x .540 (Post 5/2003) X  LPLP  
2-20-000657Gas Orifice 2" x .525   LP    
2-10-400211Gas Orifice 2" Multi-port  LP     
2-10-400219Gas Orifice 2" Multi-port   X    
2-10-400212Gas Orifice 2" Multi-port    X   
2-10-400217Gas Orifice 2" Multi-port     X  
2-10-400218Gas Orifice 2" Multi-port      LP 
2-10-400216Gas Orifice 2" Multi-port (Factory)      X 
2-10-400222Gas Orifice 2" Multi-port "New Style"      X 
5-10-400207Blank Brass Orifice Slug 2"        
7-52-002000Gas Injector Assy       X
7-52-002001Injector Assembly - All Fuels       LP
7-20-006000Butterfly Valve Assy, 4", Exhaust Modulated  XXXXX 
7-20-006010Butterfly Valve Assy, 6", Exhaust Modulated       X
7-20-006005Exhaust Butterfly Assy, 6", PHW200 QT Model       X
2-12-000701Exhaust Butterfly Gasket 9" OD x 6-9/16" ID QT       X
2-40-000722Mod Motor M7484QXXXXXXXX
2-40-000863Mod Temp Control UT320-00 Yokogawa  X X XX
2-40-000801Type "J" Thermocouple, 4" Probe        
2-40-000830Type "J" Thermocouple Wire, Per Foot        
2-40-000384Siemens Temp Control RWF40        
2-40-000386Siemens Outdoor Sensor for RWF40 QAC22        
2-40-000425Mod Temp Control T771JXXXXXXX 
2-40-000941Outdoor Air Temp Sensor #70612        
2-30-000201Temp & Pressure Gauge 0-100psi 70-320FXXXXXXX 
2-30-000203Temp & Pressure Gauge 0-300psi 70-320FXXXXXXX 
2-30-000445Purge Blower Motor/Fan 4C006BXXXXXXX 
2-30-001337Purge Fan G185       X
2-40-002000Purge Fan Motor 1/2 HP       X
2-40-000321Programmer RM7865CXXXXXXXX
2-40-000268Amplifier R7847AXXXXXXXX
2-40-000270Wiring Base for RM7865 Programmer Q7800XXXXXXXX
2-40-000272Display Module for MR7865 ProgrammerXXXXXXXX
2-40-000923SOLA Flame ControlXXXXXXXX
2-40-000932SOLA DisplayXXXXXXXX
2-40-000931SOLA Flame Rod      X 
2-45-000914Plug Set for SOLAXXXXXXXX
2-40-00090810K ohm SensorXXXXXXXX
2-40-00062524v Power Supply / TransformerXXXXXXXX
2-45-0000604" x 4" Handy BoxXXXXXXXX
2-30-000120Safety Valve 3/4" x 1" 30 PSIXXXXXX  
2-30-000121Safety Valve 3/4" x 1" 60 PSIXXXXXXX 
2-30-000145Safety Valve 3/4" x 1" 100 PSIXXXXXXX 
2-30-000020Safety Valve 3/4" x 1" 125 PSIXXXXXXXX
2-30-000166Safety Valve 3/4" x 1" 160 PSIXXXXXXXX
2-30-000581Safety Valve 1" x 1-1/4" 30 PSI      X 
2-30-000951Safety Valve 1" x 1-1/4" 60 PSI      XX
2-30-000269Safety Valve 1-1/4" x 1-1/2" 160 PSI        
2-30-000266Safety Valve 1-1/4" x 1-1/2" 60 PSI        
2-30-000221Safety Valve 1-1/4" x 1-1/2" 30 PSI       X
2-20-000090Spark Plug #F121502XXXXXXXX
2-20-000093Gasket for Spark Plug #N678XXXXXXXX
2-45-000017Spark Plug & Flame Rod Wire, Per FootXXXXXXXX
2-45-000149Wire Heat Cover, Per FootXXXXXXXX
2-45-000159Plastic Wrap, Per FootXXXXXXXX
2-20-000047Spark Plug Boot, Orange SiliconeXXXXXXX 
2-45-001200Spark Plug Crimp On ConnectorXXXXXXXX
2-45-001124Spark Plug Terminal Connector       X
2-30-002330Spark Plug Boot w/ Centering Ring       X
4-57-000520Spark Plug Connector Retrofit Kit       X
5-11-400090Spark Plug Bushing 1/2" NPT, BrassXXXXXXXX
2-40-001011Flame Rod #C7009AXXXXXXXX
2-35-000879Flame Rod Bushing 1/2" x 1/8"XXXXXXXX
3-20-000090Spark Plug Assembly       X
2-20-002000Porcelain Extension Rod for Spark Plug Assy       X
5-10-001821Connector for Spark Plug Assy       X
5-10-001822Connector for Flame RodXXXXXXXX
2-30-000234Grommet - Spark Plug WireXXXXXXX 
2-40-000082Ignition TransformerXXXXXXXX
2-40-000151Time Delay Relay #KRDB420XXXXXXXX
2-45-000469Time Delay Relay BaseXXXXXXXX
2-45-000468Time Delay Relay 5 Min 120V #HRDM415MXXXXXXXX
2-40-0001538 Sec TDR Relay (Flame Rod) #KRDM418SXXXXXXXX
2-40-000121Time Delay Relay .1-10 seconds #KRD1420XXXXXXXX
2-45-000101Terminal BlockXXXXXXX 
2-40-000880Terminal Block - Type "J" ThermocoupleXXXXXXXX
2-45-000020Din Rail, Per FootXXXXXX  
2-40-000131Ice Cube Relay 120v #700HA32A1XXXXXXXX
2-40-000096Base for Ice Cube Relay #700HN125XXXXXXXX
2-40-000562Ice Cube Relay 24 #700HA32A24        
2-40-000200Motor Starter Relay #R4242BXXXXXXXX
2-40-000421Low Water Cutoff Relay 120V 26MBXXXXXXX 
2-40-001021Low Water Cutoff Relay w/ Test Function 26MCXXXXXX X
2-40-000423Base for Low Water Cutoff Relay #OT11-PCXXXXXXXX
2-12-000090Retainer Spring for Low Water Cutoff RelayXXXXXXXX
2-40-000418Low Water Cutoff MM750P-MT-120        
2-40-000419Low Water Cutoff w/ MR PS-851-M-120        
2-20-000023Low Water Cutoff Probe, 3"XXXXXXXX
2-20-000108Water Probe for Exhaust Decoupler, 13"        
2-20-000012Water Probe for Exhaust Decoupler, 11-1/4"XXXXXX  
2-20-000109Water Probe for Exhaust Decoupler, 15"      XX
2-45-000091On/Off Toggle SwitchXXXXXXX 
2-45-000339Green 3-Position Switch LightXXXXXXXX
2-45-000307Green 2-Position On/Off Switch LightXXXXXXXX
2-45-000022Green 3-Position Switch (Post 2/2010)XXXXXXXX
2-45-000314Black 4-Position SwitchXXXXXXXX
2-45-000300N/O Contact Block #3SB3400-0BXXXXXXXX
2-45-000269N/C Contact Block #3SB3400-0CXXXXXXXX
2-45-000700Double Contact Block (1) N/C and (1) N/C #3SB3400-0AXXXXXXXX
2-45-000701Double Contact Block (2) N/O #3SB3400-0DXXXXXXXX
2-45-000702Double Contact Block (2) N/C #3SB3400-0EXXXXXXXX
2-45-000305Red Pushbutton Low Water Reset LightXXXXXXXX
2-45-000411Red Flame Failure Pilot LightXXXXXXXX
2-45-000412Green Call for Heat Pilot LightXXXXXXXX
2-45-000203Light Bulb Only S&S - 120vXXXXXXXX
2-45-000212Black 3-Position SwitchXXXXXXXX
2-35-000850Black Panel LatchXXXXXXXX
2-20-000079Magnesium Anode 3/4"        
2-60-000130Instruction ManualXXXXXXXX
4-57-000440Condensate Drain KitXXXXXXXX
2-10-000168Condensate Drain Float AssemblyXXXXXXXX
5-20-000614Condensate Drain TEE Assembly - ModXXXXXXXX
2-35-000863Isolation Cube 3" x 2" x 2"XXXXXX  
2-35-000835Isolation Cube 3" x 4" x 2"      XX
2-35-000864Isolation Spring - Green - #FDS-1-450XXX     
2-35-000865Isolation Spring - Grey - #FDS-1-800   XXXX 
2-30-000651Isolation Spring - Red - #FDS-1-1000       X
2-35-000989Isolation Spring - Brown - QT Only #FDS-1-1250      XX
2-35-000612Seismic Isolation Spring - Green #FHS-1-450XXX     
2-35-000611Seismic Isolation Spring - Grey #FHS-1-800   XXXX 
2-30-000653Seismic Isolation Spring - Red #FHS-1-1000       X
2-12-001007Air Decoupler Door Gasket 16-1/2 x 16-1/2" x 3/8"XX      
2-12-001006Air Decoupler Door Gasket 15-1/2" x 3/8"  X X X 
2-12-001010Air Decoupler Door Gasket 13-7/8" x 3/8"   X XX 
2-12-001014Air Decoupler Door Gasket 21-7/8" x 16-7/8" x 2"       X
2-12-000555Front Panel Door GasketXXXXXXXX
2-35-0008612" x 14" Flex Connector - WaterXXXXXX  
2-35-0008622-1/2" x 16" Flex Connector - Water      X 
2-30-0005504" x 16" Flex Connector Water - Flanged       X
2-35-0005311" x 16" Gas Flex ConnectorXXXX    
2-35-0005321-1/4" x 16" Gas Flex Connector    XX  
2-35-0008011-1/2" x 16" Gas Flex Connector      XX
2-30-000836Steam Hose 1-1/4" ID x 1-3/4" OD       X
2-12-001000Insulation 2" x 24" x 48" / Sheet        
2-30-000498Flow SwitchXXXXXXXX
2-45-0000401/2" Knockout PlugXXXXXXXX
4-57-000500Air Spacer Kit (Old Style)XX X X  
4-50-RK0420Air Flapper Repair KitXXXXXXXX
8-00-002000Spark Plug Removal Took - Black       X
8-00-002001Flame Rod Removal Tool - Smoky Ash       X
8-00-000048Orifice Removal Tool - 2" NPT Multi-Port OrificeXXXXXXXX
8-00-000049Air Flapper Housing Removal ToolXXXXXXX 
2-40-000302Display Case for S7800A ModuleXXXXXXXX
2-23-000295Spray Paint - Smoky Ash - 6oz can (post 2009)XXXXXXXX
2-23-000172Spray Paint - Tech Tan - 6 oz canXXXXXXXX
2-35-0007994" PVC Adaptor - Air Intake  XXXXX 
2-35-0008196" PVC Adaptor       X
5-10-CH27654" C.S. Muffler - IntakeXXXXXXX 
5-10-CH27554" S.S. Muffler - ExhaustXXXXXXX 
5-10-CH27806" C.S. Muffler - Intake       X
5-10-CH27756" S.S. Muffler - Exhaust       X
2-35-0000333" x 3" Fernco Coupling - Intake #105633XX      
2-35-0000614" x 3" Fernco Coupling - Intake #105643XX      
2-35-0008274" x 4" Fernco Coupling - Intake #105644XXXXXXX 
2-35-0007964" x 3" Adaptor for ExhaustXXXXXXXX
2-35-0008554" x 3" PVC ReducerXXXXXXXX
4-57-000510Panel Retrofit Kit for Vibration Control   X X  
2-12-000200Strip-N-Stick (Gray) - Door Seal 1"XXXXXXXX
2-60-000114High Temp Red Silicone Sealant 10oz TRV736XXXXXXXX
8-00-000101Material Handling Tool      X 
2-12-001020Air Decoupler Insulation Set (Foil-Faced)XX      
2-12-001021Air Decoupler Insulation Set (Foil-Faced)   X X  
2-12-001022Air Decoupler Insulation Set (Foil-Faced)        
2-12-001023Air Decoupler Insulation Set (Foil-Faced)       X
4-50-000004Pulse QT 4" McGill Air Flow Kit        
4-50-000005Pulse QT 6" McGill Air Flow Kit        
4-50-000006Pulse QT 8" McGill Air Flow Kit        
4-50-000008PH Neutralization KitXXXXXXXX
2-30-001580Magnesium Oxide, Per BagXXXXXXXX
4-50-SP0401Standard Spare Parts KitXXXXXXX 
4-50-SP0402Extended Spare Parts KitXXXXXXX 
4-50-SP0405Standard Spare Parts Kit       X
4-50-SP0406Extended Spare Parts Kit       X

Standard spare parts kits include:
(1) air flapper gasket set, (1) gas flapper gasket set, (1) spark plug, and (1) flame rod.
Extended spare parts kits include:
(1) air flapper gasket set, (1) gas flapper gasket set, (1) spark plug, (1) flame rod, and (1) programmer control.