We sells many general purpose gauges from Winters.
Specialty gauges can be ordered on request

Economy Pressure Gauges
Bi-Metal Thermometers

Economy Pressure Gauges

These gauges can measure steam, air, oil, water, and other pressure media.

Dial: 1 1/2″ (40mm), 2″ (50mm), 2 1/2″ (63mm), 4″ (100mm), white aluminum with black and red markings
Case: Steel, painted black (plastic available)
Lens: 1 1/2″ (40mm), 2″ (50mm), 2 1/2″ (63mm) – acrylic, 4″ (100mm) – glass
Ring: 1 1/2″ (40mm), 2″ (50mm) – steel, painted black, 2 1/2″ (63mm) or 4″ (100mm) – steel, chrome painted
Pointers: Steel, painted black
Wetted Parts: Brass
Connection: 1/8″ or 1/4″ NPT, bottom or center back
Accuracy: 3-2-3% ANSI/ASME Grade B

How to Order: Specify product code

Dial Size1.5"  1.5"2"2"2"2"2"2.5"2.5"4"
Case MaterialSteelSteelSteelSteelSteelSteelPlasticSteelSteelSteel
ConnectionBottomBackBackBackBottomBottomPSI only BottomBackBottomBottom
NPT Connection1/8"1/8"1/8"1/4"1/8"1/4"1/4"1/4"1/4"1/4"
Movement, Socket, TubeBrassBrassBrassBrassBrassBrassBrassBrassBrassBrass
30" Hg. Vac./kPaE1297E1397E1424E1428E195E135E1398E1431E210E220
30"-0-15 psi/kPa********E152*
30"-0-30 psi/kPa********E153*
30"-0-60 psi/kPa********E154*
30"-0-100 psi/kPa********E155*
0-15 psi/kPaE1299E1399E1425E1429E196E136*E1436E211*
0-30 psi/kPaE1300E1400E1402E1403E206E199E200E1437E212E221
0-60 psi/kPaE1301E1401E1404E1405E207E201E194E1438E213E222
0-100 psi/kPaE1320E1420E1406E1407E208E202*E1439E214E223
0-160 psi/kPaE1321E1421E1408E1409E197E203*E1440E215E224
0-200 psi/kPaE1322E1422E1426E1410E209E204*E1441E216E225
0-300 psi/kPaE1323E1423E1427E1411E198E205*E1442E217E226
0-400 psi/kPa********E219*
0-600 psi/kPa********E218*
0-1000 psi/kPa********E290*
0-2000 psi/kPa********E288*
0-3000 psi/kPa********E291*
0-5000 psi/kPa********E292*


  • Stainless steel case available.
  • Glass lens is optional (standard on 4″ (100mm) dial size).
  • 1.5″ (40mm) & 2″(50mm) bottom connection gauges available with stainless steel internals.
  • Lead free construction available.
  • Other ranges, connections and connection sizes available

Bi-Metal Thermometers

Designed to provide fast and accurate temperature readings for most industrial applications (e.g. HVAC, food, etc.)

  • Equipped with Lexan lens (unbreakable plastic) for all heavy industrial applications
  • Designed with dished shaped dial preventing parallax error when taking a temperature reading

Dial: 3″ (75mm) dial, aluminum with black markings, dished shaped
Case: AISI 304 stainless steel
Lens: Lexan®, Hermetically Sealed
Ring: AISI 304 stainless steel
Pointer: Brass, painted black
Movement: Bi-metallic coil, silicone dampened
Stem: AISI 304 stainless steel, 21/2″ (63mm), 4″ (100mm), 6″ (150mm), 9″ (225mm)
Connection: ½” NPT, centre back
Accuracy: +/- 1% full scale
Ambient temperature: max. +248°F
Recommended max. operating temperature: 75% of full scale value

How to order: Specify product code:

Product CodesDescription
T330253" (75 mm) dial with 2.5" (63 mm) stem
T330403" (75 mm) dial with 4" (100 mm) stem
T330603" (75 mm) dial with 6" (150 mm) stem
T330903" (75 mm) dial with 9" (225 mm) stem
CodeRanges (F/C)
B2(-40°F to 120°F / -40°C to 50°C)
B4(-40°F to 160°F / -40°C to -70°C)
B6(0°F to 200°F / -20°C to 90°C)
B8(0°F to 250°F / -20°C to 120°C)
B9(50°F to 300°F / 10°C to 150°C)
B10(50°F to 400°F / 10°C to 200°C)
B11(50°F to 500°F / 10°C to 260°C)
B12(150°F to 750°F / 100°C to 400°C)
B13(200°F to 1000°F / 100°C to 540°C)

* For pressures above 125 psi (861 kPa) it is recommended that a Winters thermowell be used in conjunction with the BI-Metal Thermometer.)


Designed to measure both pressure and temperature in one compact unit.

Dial: 2 1/2″ or 3″ , aluminum painted white with black markings
Case: Black steel
Lens: Polycarbonate – 2 1/2″, Glass – 3″
Ring: Steel 2 1/2″ (63mm), Stainless steel 3″(75mm)
Pointer: Aluminum, anodized black
Movement: Brass and phosphor bronze
Stem: Brass
Wetted Parts: Brass
Accuracy: Pressure: ±3%-2%-3%, Temperature: ±2% of full scale
Connection: 1/4″ NPT on 21/2″ dial (back only) 1/2″ NPT back or bottom on 3″ dial

How to Order: Specify product code

Product CodeDial SizeConnectionRange
T4002 1/2"(63mm)1/4"NPT, Back0-75psi/kPa, 60-320°F&C
T4012 1/2" (63mm)1/4"NPT, Extension Back0-75psi/kPa, 30-240°F&C
T4042 1/2"(63mm)1/4"NPT, Back0-75psi/kPa, 30-240°F&C
T4033" (80mm)1/2"NPT, Bottom0-75psi/kPa, 30-240°F&C
T4023" (80mm)1/2"NPT, Back0-75psi/kPa, 30-240°F&C
T4053" (80mm)1/2"NPT, Bottom0-200psi/kPa 30-240°F&C
T4073" (80mm)1/2"NPT, Back0-200psi/kPa 30-240°F&C
T4083" (80mm)1/2"NPT, Back0-100psi/kPa 30-240°F&C
T4093" (80mm)1/2"NPT, Bottom0-100psi/kPa 30-240°F&C
T3983" (80mm)1/2"NPT, Back0-250psi, 60-240°F&C
T3993" (80mm)1/2"NPT, Bottom0-250psi, 60-240°F&C