Hurst Cyclone – Vertical Tubeless Boilers

Hurst Vertical Tubeless – Available in steam and hot water

Standard Steam Trim:

  • Steam – Standard design pressure of 150 PSI; Low pressure also available.
  • Hot Water – Standard design pressure of 30 PSI; Optional to 160 PSI, 250° F
  • Steam pressure gauge with syphon and test cock
  • Combination low water cutoff and pump control with water column blowdown valve
  • Probe auxiliary low water cutoff and relay
  • ASME safety relief valve
  • Operating and high limit pressure controls
  • Steam outlet valve, slow opening blowdown valve, feedwater shut off valve, and check valves included on boilers through 30Hp.
  • Burner/Boiler UL Packaged
  • Convenient eye-level burner
  • Factory assembled; fully automatic
  • Simple and inexpensive to install

You can package the Cyclone along with a feed water system. Have everything mounted on a single skid for easy installation!

Steam – 15 PSIG
Hot Water 30PSIG

Steam – 15 PSIG
Hot Water 30PSIG

More Storage:

  • Capacity to handle swing and spike loads – quick recovery – quick response.
  • The larger steam-release surface is calmer, reducing carry over of unevaporated water.
  • The resulting drier steam also reduces system scaling.
  • In addition, dry steam helps to eliminate unnecessary extra condensate. Energy and fuel are saved. Longer life results.

Inspection Access:

  • The waterside openings are located in the most effective positions. The lower handholes offer far better access for both cleanout and inspection.
  • These more functional locations avoid the obstructing handhole “tunnels” used by our competitors.
  • The top opening offers a strategic view of the furnace crown sheet.

4-Pass Design:

  • The gases leaving the furnace are split four ways and travel through four individual serpentine fin passages to the stack outlet.
  • Each quarter of the heat
    travels its own four-pass path (see illustration below).
  • Heat transfers evenly to the fins and boiler shell, eliminating the metal stress due to uneven heat transfer common in other designs.

Steam – 15 PSIG
Hot Water 30PSIG

Steam – 15 PSIG
Hot Water 30PSIG

Due to territory restrictions we can only sell new Hurst boilers inside our Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky territory.
If you are located elsewhere, you will need to contact the representative in your area for pricing.
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