Gordon-Piatt Oil Pumps & Pump Couplers

Oil Pumps – #2 Oil (Burner Mounted)

Part NumberDescription
275020-0000Oil Pump, Suntec A2YA-7916
275021-1020Oil Pump, Suntec B2TA-8249
275024-1020Oil Pump, Suntec B2TA-8930
275005-0021Oil Pump, Webster 22R322D-5AA14
275005-0031Oil Pump, Webster 22R623D-5AA14
275001-0010Oil Pump, Webster 2V023D-5D020
275021-0020Oil Pump, Suntec H3PAN-C160H
275024-0020Oil Pump, Suntec H

Oil Pumps for Remote Pump Sets

#2 Oil – Direct Drive – High Pressure

Part NumberDescription
275004-0001Oil Pump for HS2D-23 Pump Set, Webster 2R3223D-5AA14
275004-0021Oil Pump for HS2D-50 Pump Set, Webster 2R626D-5AA14
927900-0285Oil Pump for HS2D-95 Pump Set, Parker D11AA2A
927500-0276Oil Pump for HS2D-150 Pump Set, Parker D17AA2A
924900-0278Oil Pump for HS2D-190 Pump Set, Parker D22AA2A
927900-0286Oil Pump for HS2D-275 Pump Set, Parker H31AA2A
927900-0287Oil Pump for HS2D-345 Pump Set, Parker H

Oil Pumps for Remote Pump Sets

#2 Oil – Direct Drive – Low Pressure

Part NumberDescription
275004-0011Oil Pump for LS2D, LD2D-36, Webster 2R233D-5AA4
275004-0031Oil Pump for LS2D, LD2D-75, Webster 2R626D-5AA4
927900-0274Oil Pump for LS2D, LD2D-90, Parker D09AA2A
927500-0276Oil Pump for LS2D, LD2D-165, Parker D17AA2A
927900-0278Oil Pump for LS2D, LD2D-215, Parker D22AA2A
937900-0272Oil Pump for LS2D, LD2D-265, Parker D27AA2A
927900-0286Oil Pump for LS2D, LD2D-310, Parker H31AA2A
927900-0287Oil Pump for LS2D, LD2D-385, Parker H39AA2A
927900-0284Oil Pump for LS2D, LD2D-485, Parker H49AA2A
927900-0283Oil Pump for LS2D, LD2D-605, Parker H62AA2A
927900-0281Oil Pump for LS2D, LD2D-915, Parker H90AA2A
275081-0021Oil Pump for LS2D, LD2D-1290, Viking
275081-0030Oil Pump for LS2D, LD2D-1800, Viking

Oil Pumps for Remote Pump Sets

#2 Oil – Direct Drive – Intermediate Pressure

Part NumberDescription
275004-0001Oil Pump for IS2D, ID2D-30, Webster 2R223D-5AA14
275004-0021Oil Pump for IS2D, ID2D-60, Webster 2R626D-5AA14
927900-0274Oil Pump for IS2D, ID2D-85, Parker D09AA2A
927900-0277Oil Pump for IS2D, ID2D-125, Parker D14AA2A
927900-0278Oil Pump for IS2D, ID2D-205, Parker D22AA2A
927900-0286Oil Pump for IS2D, ID2D-295, Parker H31AA2A
927900-0287Oil Pump for IS2D, ID2D-365, Parker H39AA2A
927900-0284Oil Pump for IS2D, ID2D-460, Parker H49AA2A
927900-0283Oil Pump for IS2D, ID2D-570, Parker H62AA2A
927900-0282Oil Pump for IS2D, ID2D-720, Parker H77AA2A
927900-0281Oil Pump for IS2D, ID2D-865, Parker H90AA2A
275081-0021Oil Pump for IS2D, ID2D-1150, Viking HJ4195-PHSCCV
275081-0030Oil Pump for IS2D, ID2D-1600, Viking H

Oil Pumps for Remote Pump Sets

#4 / #2 Oil – Direct Drive – Intermediate Pressure

Part NumberDescription
927900-0246Oil Pump for IS4D, ID4D-34/25, Viking C432-PHSFCS
275080-0115Oil Pump for IS4D, ID4D-65/45, Viking F432-PHSFCV
275080-0115Oil Pump for IS4D, ID4D-100/80, Viking F432-PHSFCV
275080-0000Oil Pump for IS4D, ID4D-130/95, Viking FH432-PHSFCV
275080-0000Oil Pump for IS4D, ID4D-200/165, Viking FH432-PHSFCV
275081-0001Oil Pump for IS4D, ID4D-430/275, Viking GG4195-PHSCCV
275081-0001Oil Pump for IS4D, ID4D-670/525, Viking GG4195-PHSCCV
275081-0021Oil Pump for IS4D, ID4D-840/685, Viking HJ4195-PHSCCV
275081-0030Oil Pump for IS4D, ID4D-1250/955, Viking HL4195-PHSCCV
275081-0021Oil Pump for IS4D, ID4D-1320/1150, Viking HJ4195-PHSCCV
275081-0030Oil Pump for IS4D, ID4D-1900/1600, Viking HL4195-PHSCCV

Oil Pumps for Remote Pump Sets

#5 / #6 Oil – V-Belt Drive – Intermediate Pressure

275080-0115Oil Pump for IS6V, ID6V-42, Viking F432-PHSFCV
275080-0115Oil Pump for IS6V, ID6V-58, Viking F432-PHSFCV
275080-0000Oil Pump for IS6V, ID6V-80, Viking FH432-PHSFCV
275080-0000Oil Pump for IS6V, ID6V-110, Viking FH432-PHSFCV
275080-0000Oil Pump for IS6V, ID6V-150, Viking FH432-PHSFCV
275081-0001Oil Pump for IS6V, ID6V-205, Viking GG4195-PHSCCV
275081-0001Oil Pump for IS6V, ID6V-270, Viking GG4195-PHSCCV
275081-0021Oil Pump for IS6V, ID6V-370, Viking HJ4195-PHSCCV
275081-0021Oil Pump for IS6V, ID6V-515, Viking HJ4195-PHSCCV
275081-0030Oil Pump for IS6V, ID6V-665, Viking HL4195-PHSCCV
275081-0030Oil Pump for IS6V, ID6V-920, Viking 

Oil Pump Couplings

Part Number(A)

Other Parts for Fuel Oil

Part NumberDescription
350514-0000Low Fire By-pass Regulator OV0514

Oil burners which have low fire start fuel control systems must deliver oil to the nozzle reduced pressure for low fire. This is normally accomplished by diverting a portion of the oil pump delivery through a by pass return line to the tank. The amount of oil delivered to the nozzle versus that returned to the tank is controlled by a device which limits or meters flow, thus an oil bypass regulating valve or an oil metering valve is used for this purpose.

1. Using screw driver, remove cover screw and gasket to gain access to the adjustment mechanism.

2. Use 1/8” Allen wrench to turn pressure adjusting screw clockwise to increase pressure and counterclockwise to decrease.

3. For initial start-up: Pressure at which oil will be delivered to the nozzle cannot be determined until the burner is test fired. Be prepared to adjust the regulator as the burner is cycled through its firing sequence.

Part NumberDescription
350208-0020Oil Cylinder, OC0208M