Gordon-Piatt Control Panel Parts

Part NumberDescription
325025-0020SPDT Relay with 120v Operating Coil, Detrol, 20545-84, 9230
325025-0030DPDT Relay with 120v Operating Coil, Detrol, 20546-84, 9314
325026-0000Potter & Brumfield 3PDT 120v 10A socket mount relay KUP-14A155-120

Indicator Lights

Round 55 Series Lamps

Red Lens329203-00005TF3LRN1
White Lens329203-00105TF3LCN1
Yellow Lens329203-00205TF3LAN1
Green Lens329203-00303TL3LGX1

Rectangular 73-BK Series Lamps

Yellow Lens329200-001073-BK-YE
Red Lens329200-011073-BK-RD
White Lens329200-014073-BK-CL
Green Lens329200-012073-BK-GR

Toggle Switches

Part NumberFor Pilot NumberVendor P/N
322500-5020Toggle Switch, SPST - Power Control, Round7501K15
322500-5030Toggle Switch, SPDT - With Center-Off7503K15
322500-5040Toggle Switch, SPDT - Manual, Auto Fan7504K4
322500-5060Toggle Switch, DPDT - Modulation, Manual-Auto7564K6
322501-5080Toggle Switch, 4PDT - with Center-off, Fuel Transfer7990K10
322501-5160Toggle Switch, DPDT - with Center-off, Fuel Transfer7992K10
322500-5070Toggle Switch, 4PDT - Lead-Lag, 2 Burner7694K4

Gordon-Piatt used several different toggle switches on their burners. You can find the part number for each toggle switch on the material list that was shipped with the burner. Also, you might be able to find a “vendor” part number on the toggle switch itself.

Modulation Sub Panel

Gordon-Piatt GP931A7 Modulation Sub-Panel
Used with M954D & M9184C mod. motors
Includes 120/24v transformer & manual/auto switch
Manual Auto Switch

135 Ohm Potentiometer Used with M934D & M954D Mod Motors

Operating Knob for Potentiometer

Control Transformers

VoltageVendor Part #GP Part #
120/24V, 40VAAT40A1014324299-0003
208-240-480/120V, 250VA50-0250-585324298-0030
208-240-480/120V, 500VA50-0500-585324294-0010
208 thru 600/120V, 250 VA50-0250-059324298-0010
208 thru 600/120V, 500 VA50-0500-059324294-0000

Honeywell Chassis

Part NumberDescription
RM7895A-1014or replace with RM7897A-1002
RM7896A-1012or replace with RM7897A-1002
RM7895C-1012or replace with RM7897C-1000
RM7896C-1010or replace with RM7897C-1000
RM7896C-1010or replace with RM7897C-1000
RM7840L-1018or replace with RM7840L-1075
RM780L-1012or replace with RM7800L-1087
RM7897C-1002 RM7800 Chassis
RM7897C-1000 RM7800 Chassis
RM7840L-1075 RM7800 Chassis without display
RM7800L-1087 RM7800 Chassis with display

Honeywell Amplifiers

Part NumberDescription
R7849A-1023Ultraviolet - use with C7027, C7035, C7040
R7847C-1005Ultraviolet - use with C7012E, C7012F
R7849B-1021Ultraviolet - use with C7027, C7035, C7044
R7848B-1006Infrared - use with C7015

Honeywell Scanners

Part NumberDescription
C7027A-1023Ultraviolet (Minipeeper)
C7012E-1104Ultraviolet (Purple Peeper)
C7015A-1076Infrared (Lead Sulfide) - REPLACE WITH C7915A-1010
C554A-1463Cadmium Sulfide
C7915A-1010Infrared (Lead Sulfide)

Honeywell Wiring Bases

Part NumberDescription
Q7800A-1005Panel Mounting Subbase
Q7800B-1003Burner or Wall Mounted Subbase
Q7800B-1011Burner or Wall Mounted Subbase

Honeywell Purge Timers

Part NumberDescription
ST7800A-103930 Seconds
ST7800A-105460 Seconds
ST7800A-106290 Seconds

Honeywell Misc

Part NumberDescription
S7800A-1001Keyboard Display for OLD RM Series - use S7800A-1142
S7800A-1142Keyboard Display for NEW RM Series
S7830A-1005Expansion Module

Fireye Chassis

Part NumberDescription
E110Fireye E110 Chassis Less Display
MEC120Fireye MEC120 Micro M Chassis
70D30Rebuilt control only - Requires core exchange
70D20Rebuilt control only - Requires core exchange
70D10Rebuilt control only - Requires core exchange

Fireye Wiring Bases

Part NumberDescription
60-1466-2Wiring base for E110
61-5042Wiring base for MEC120
60-1950E300 Wiring base
E344E340 Wiring base

Fireye Amplifiers

Part NumberDescription
EUV1Ultraviolet amplifier (use with UV1A, UV2, UV8)
EUVS4Ultraviolet self-check amplifier (use with 45UV5-1009)
E1R1Infrared auto-check amplifier (use with 48PT2)
72DUV1Ultraviolet amplifier (use with 70D series)
MAUV1Ultraviolet amplifier (use with UV1, UV2, 45UV3)
MEUV4Ultraviolet amplifier (use with UV1A, UV2, UV8A)
MEUV1Ultraviolet amplifier (use with UV1A, UV2, UV8A)
72DUVS4Ultraviolet amplifier (use with 45UV5-1007, -1008, -1009)
MEUVS4Ultraviolet self-check amplifier (use with 45UV5 series)
MEIR4Infrared amplifier (use with 48PT2)

Fireye Misc

Part NumberDescription
MEP230Programmer for MEC120
MEP562Programmer for MEC120
MEP235Programmer for MEC120
E300Expansion Module
ED610Cable Adapter