Gordon-Piatt Air Flow Switches

Cici Boiler Rooms, Inc. stocks the air flow kit to convert the obsolete Gordon-Piatt mercury sail switch to an air proving switch kit.

322207-0020Merury-Free Air Flow Switch
This is the switch only.  If you currently have a mercury switch, you will need to order the mercury-free replacement kits below.

Mercury Air Flow Switches

322207-9000Air Flow Switch Upgrade Kit
R6.9-R8.1  (Replaces GP25B-1020)
322207-9001Air Flow Switch Upgrade Kit
R8.2-R10.1 (Replaces GP25B-1006)
322207-9002Air Flow Switch Kit
R10.2-R12.1 (Replaces GP25A-1032)
322207-9003Air Flow Switch Kit
S6.9, S6.0, S6.1
322207-9004Air Flow Switch Kit
S8.8, S8.9, S8.0 
322207-9005Air Flow Switch Kit
S8.1, S8.2, S8.3, S10.9, S10.0, S10.1, S10.2, S12.9, S12.0, S12.1
322207-9006Air Flow Switch Kit
F Burners (Replaces GP25A-1001)
322207-9007Air Flow Switch Kit
FL Burners (Replaces GP25A-1014 & 1015)
322207-9008Air Flow Switch Kit
S4 Burners