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Spray-Mix Refractory Coating

Spray-Mix is used as a protective coating for refractory. Spray-mix works great to protect the tiles on a CB boiler. Sold in 15 lb pails.

Preparation & Application:
Simply mix with water to get a texture like ketchup. Paint on with a brush.

MSDS – Spray-Mix

Trowleze Refractory Mortar

Used as a mortar when brick is installed. Sold in 50 pounds pails.

Also known as :

Preparation & Application:
Apply with a trowel or by hand.

MSDS – Trowleze


Insulating cement. Used on a CB boiler’s rear door rope to make a better seal.

Preparation & Application:
Mix with water until you get a thick oatmeal texture. Apply by hand.

MSDS – Insul-all


Used to patch refractory in high temperature areas such as the doors and furnace. Grefpatch-85 is great for filling in missing chucks of refractory the size of a fist. Comes in a 55 pound pail.

Also known as :

Preparation & Application:
Apply with a trowel or by hand.

MSDS – Grefpatch 85

Furnace & Retort Cement

Used to fill cracks in refractory. When air dried and cured, retort cement becomes almost as durable as firebrick. Maximum temperature limit is 3000 F.

Preparation & Applications:
Apply with a trowel or by hand.

MSDS – Retort Cement

CB Refractory Tiles


Throat Tiles

94-130  Throat Tile
94-217  Throat Tile
94-218  Throat Tile
94-343  Throat Tile
94-344  Throat Tile
94-386  Throat Tile
94-388  Throat Tile
94-451  Throat Tile

Liner Tiles

94-203  Liner Tile
94-204  Liner Tile
94-205  Liner Tile
94-216  Liner Tile
94-387  Liner Tile
94-160  Liner Tile
94-428  Liner Tile
94-430  Liner Tile

Baffle Tiles

94-115  Baffle Tile
94-144  Baffle Tile
94-162  Baffle Tile
94-172  Baffle Tile
94-189  Baffle Tile

Sight Tubes

94-165 Sight Tube
94-166 Sight Tube
94-167 Sight Tube
94-168 Sight Tube