Kewanee Cam Assemblies


Kewanee’s CAMCommand overcomes the non-linear nature of fuel controls. It allows the burner to match fuel delivery to air delivery throughout the entire modulating range. Kewanee’s CAMCommand uses 90 degree travel mod motors and provides trim capabilities of +/- 20 degrees at any point in that travel range. Kewanee’s CAMCommand has 16 adjusting points within its 90 degree travel – one point every 6 degrees. The adjusting screws are oval point and the cam uses a flexible strip between the adjusting screws and follower wheel to insure smooth motion.

Kewanee used several different CAMCommand assemblies.  Contact us with the model and sales order number of the burner and we can determine the correct cam.

406900100103Air Atomized Oil
406910010301Size 5 Gas Burners
406910030301Size 5 Gas/Oil Burners
406910010201Size 3, 4, 6, 7 Gas Burners
406910030201Size 3, 4, 6, 7 Gas/Oil Burners
406910020201Size 3, 4, 6, 7 Oil Burners
406910020301Size 5 Oil Burners

Flexible Cam Strip for CAMCommand

326250120801Flexible Cam Strip

6 Screw Cam Assembly

4069001001036 Screw Cam

4 Screw Cam Assembly

4069001009074 Screw Cam

Nylon Cam Follower

217290100002Nylon Cam Follower