Siemens Flame Detectors

Siemens offers combustion control gas valves, control motors, flame safeguards, electronic burner management systems, temperature and leak test controls approved for use world wide. Siemens combustion products feature modular construction for single source simplicity. Component compatibility assures low installation and operating costs plus dependable, safe operation. Rigorous quality testing optimizes reliability and process performance.


Flame Scanners (Infrared)

Flame detectors for use with burner controls from SCC Building Technologies for the supervision of gas or oil flames.
Siemens-QRI Data Sheet

Infrared Flame Detectors

QRI2A2.B180B IR Flame detector, Forward viewing. AGG2.110 & AGG2.120 required for mounting
QRI2B2.B180B IR Flame detector, Side viewing European style
AGG2.110 3/4″ threaded holder for QRI2A2…, frontal viewing, insulated with protective lens
AGG2.120 Conduit connection adapter for QRI, 3/4″ NPSM thread.
QRA75.A17 Self check UV scanner, side viewing (AGM23 bracket and AGM23 cable required for installing)
AGM23U Connection cable for QRA75 UV sensor, 12′
AGG16.U Forward viewing mounting bracket for QRA75 UV sensor


Flame Scanners (Ultraviolet)

Infrared flame detectors for use with SCC burner controls, for the supervision of gas, oil and other flames that emit infrared light. The QRI scanners are suited for burners of any capacity, either in continuous or intermittent operation.
Siemens-QRA Data Sheet

UV Flame Detectors

QRA10.C UV Flame Detector with die cast al. housing, normal sensitivity
QRA10M.C UV Flame Detector with die cast al. housing, medium sensitivity
QRA2(1) UV Flame Detector with flange and clamp
QRA2M(1) UV Flame Detector with flange and clamp, high sensitivity
QRA4.U UV Flame Detector with NPSM Threaded connections for LFL (Accepts NPT pipe)
QRA50M UV Scanner
QRA51M UV Scanner
QRA53.E17 Self Check Scanner – CE
QRA53.E27 Self Check Scanner – CE
QRA53.G17 Self Check Scanner – CE
QRA53.G27 Self Check Scanner – CE
QRA55.C17 Self Check Scanner – CE
QRA55.C27 Self Check Scanner – CE
QRA55.D27 Self Check Scanner – CE
QRA55.E17 Self Check Scanner – CE
QRA55.E27 Self Check Scanner – CE
QRA55.G17 Self Check Scanner – CE
QRA55.G27 Self Check Scanner – CE
QRA73.A17 CE approved – 110 V – self check for LMV5
QRA73.A27 CE approved – 220 V – self check for LMV6
QRA75.A17 UL, 110 V – self check for LMV5
QRA75.A27 220 V – self check for LMV5