QuikWater Water Heaters

QuikWater’s Direct Contact Water Heaters have proven time and again to be the most energy efficient and environmentally compliant way to heat water for industrial and commercial applications. With Direct Contact Water Heaters, incoming water flows downward through a vertical column filled with stainless steel packing rings. As cold water comes into Direct Contact with rising hot combustion air from a gas burner, a very rapid heat transfer occurs, absorbing 99% of the heat energy into the water. Pure, heated water then accumulates in the storage tank for “On Demand” use, and clean CO2 and H20 combustion gas leaves the stack at near ambient temperature.

Patented Combustion Chamber

QuikWater’s exclusive combustion design offers unequaled energy efficiencies, and has proven itself to be environmentally safe and extremely dependable at continuous high peak performance, while requiring minimal maintenance. The entire heat transfer process takes place at atmospheric pressure, removing the safety risks associated with standard pressurized systems. The patented water-jacketed combustion chamber provides an isolated “dry” atmosphere allowing complete combustion, unlike other models whose burner flames are positioned directly in the falling water.

The QuikWater “clean burn” design has no adverse effect on water quality.

This system is recommended for use in USDA and FDA regulated facilities to provide heated potable water in direct food contact service and dairy plants. The Oklahoma State Health Department has also certified QuikWater’s heated potable water as “safe for human consumption”.

The “Clean Burn” Difference

The patented firing chamber provides the maximum heat output with lower emission levels of NOx and carbon monoxide. Unburned hydrocarbons are virtually eliminated. Emissions tests with standard burners reflect minimal NOx at full fire and our newly developed low NOx burners ensure emission levels with meet the ever-demanding and most stringent environmental requirements.

Safety First.

When heat transfer occurs at atmospheric pressure the result is an inherently safer design. QuikWater’s non-pressurized design eliminates the need for a full-time boiler engineer or pressure boiler permits and lowers insurance rates. It also eliminates the need for boiler feed chemicals and boiler’s high maintenance. This design incorporates burners, gas trains, control panels and components which comply with ETL, U L, ULC, FM, CGA and IRI specifications, if required.

Uptime to a Maximum.

QuikWater uses only the highest quality materials and components in the industry to guard against costly downtime. Unlike other Direct Contact Hot Water Heaters or Industrial Water Heaters, QuikWater provides easy open hatches for routine maintenance which saves hours of expensive labor and plant operating time. There are none of the hassles from burner flooding shutdowns and no maintenance requirements to remove build-up on internal linkages and sensors.


QuikWater Can Take The Heat

Each QuikWater unit is constructed from 304/304L stainless steel for exceptional service life and is fabricated in an ASME coded welding shop. An exclusive lower cooling system prevents metal burnout seen in other Heaters.

Packaged Systems Save Money.

QuikWater Heaters are entirely self-contained with no hidden costs for additional pumps, controls or external Storage Tanks. QuikWater’s maximum BTU output produces Hot Water on demand with minimal storage in an integral tank. The unit’s modular design configuration calls for minimal space and footprint. All Heaters are pre-piped, pre-wired and factory tested, requiring only 5 installation connections: fuel, electricity, cold water inlet, hot water outlet, and an exhaust stack.

Low Stack Emissions

The patented firing chamber provides maximum heat output with lower emission levels of NOx and carbon monoxide. QuikWater’s Low NOx models ensure emissions levels that will meet the ever-demanding and most stringent environmental requirements.

“On Demand” Hot Water

Incoming water is heated in a single pass through the QuikWater system, providing continuous hot water, “on demand.

“Custom Design” Options

QuikWater heaters can be custom designed to user specifications, including the following options:

  • Customized External Storage Tanks
  • Multiple or High Pressure Pumps
  • Heat Reclaiming Systems
  • Tie-In to Remote Tanks and Controls
  • Flexibility in Equipment Footprint
  • Special Utility Piping Locations
  • Supplemental Closed Loop Heating
  • Low NOx Burner Packages & Retrofits
  • Multiple Temperature Design
  • Tempered Water Systems
  • Alternative Fuel Sources
  • Water Distribution Systems
  • Linkage w/ Existing Hot Water Equipment


Due to vendor territory restrictions we can only sell QuikWater to customers in Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky.
If you are located elsewhere, you will need to contact the representative in your area for pricing.
Call QuikWater at 1-918-241-8880 to obtain contact information for your local rep.